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Open Owl Studios invites you to discover games with rich world-building and innovative mechanics. We create so you can experience.

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Game Progress

The following progress bars show two things: the stage of development (in brackets) and the percentage complete of the ENTIRE project. A game reaches 100% when all orders have been fulfilled.

Stonesaga (Editing)
Stars of Akarios 1.5 (Files at Factory)
Mythwind Reprint & New Content (Files to Factory)
Codename: Bookmark (Development)
Mythwind Character Expansions (Development)
Codename: Kin (Development)

Our Vision

Open Owl Studios is committed to innovation, world building and a strong community.

We aim to create innovative gameplay experiences for your tabletop with a combination of unique mechanics, components and fresh ideas.
Each game we create lives in a fully realized world with incredible artwork and our trademark commitment to storytelling.
Whether its online or in-person, the games we create are designed to host experiences to share with others.