1-4 Players | 30-60 Minutes

Cozy Cooperative Gaming

Mythwind is singleplayer and cooperative cozy board game with asymmetric characters, magical sprites, persistent world and an unending adventure.

Cozy Gaming

Play singleplayer or cooperatively in this one one-of-a-kind cozy board game. There is no pressure to win and no threat of losing. In Mythwind you are invited to experience a new, relaxing way to play an endless board game.

Town Building

Each player works together to build the new town in Mythwind valley. Choose from over 40 buildings as you develop a one-of-a-kind town tailored to your play style and complete the seasonal.

Unique Characters

Each character is a completely different experience. You will find familiar euro-game mechanics such as deck-building, polyomino placing and market manipulation. Whether you're the ranger or the farmer, each character develops new skills in unique ways as the game progresses.

Emerging Narrative

Learn more about the magical sprites and help them restore the valley from its mysterious malady in this inviting narrative. With over 150 event cards, 80 adventure cards, and 4 secret envelopes, the story of Mythwind reacts to your choices.

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