Stars of Akarios FAQ

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Where is the Charis ship?
If you ordered the Charis ship on KS or GF, it will be inside of the Core Box. If you pre-ordered from the website, it will be included in the core box.

How many pilot progression pads should I have?
8. The rulebook contents has a misprint of 10.

How many worm hole punch outs should I have?
3. The rulebook contents has a misprint of 4.

How many dice do I need in order to perform the basic repair action?
You need to use 3 dice in order to use the basic repair action.

Squad Progression Pad
Barron Rocks -> "Barren Rocks"

Rule Book Typos
P. 7 - The engine upgrade picture of Bank & Jet is not correct. It should be just Bank.
P. 7 - Solo instructions go to page 34, it’s actually page 33.
P. 11 - the page reference to stress thresholds (the portion in bold) should be to p. 17.
P. 17 - Stress Example, point 5, "Envery -> "Enver"
P. 20 - In the purple Note box, "opporuntity" -> opportunity
P. 28 - mark off one of the 2 purchase ship upgrade hexes on the squad pilot progression sheet.
P. 37 - Radar Shield All pilots are immine to Radar Jam. -> “immune” instead of immine.
P. 37 - Field Immunity You are immine to push, pull, and radar jam. -> “immune” instead of immine.
P. 38 - Supply Charge Deal 3 damge to 2 targets. -> "damage" instead of damge.

Scenario Book Typos
P. 6 (scenario 2), Look, alive cadets -> Look alive, Cadets
P. 9 (scenario 4), A few remaining UIA ships taking their chance -> A few remaining UIA ships take their chance
P. 12 (scenario 5), Once you get back in the hangar, ask a ... -> Once you get back in the hangar, you ask a...
P. 20 (scenario 12), If they lose, than -> If they lose, then...
P. 88 (scenario 57) - This is a big one that got missed. Scroll to the bottom of this post to see the entry.

Misc questions & help

Space Combat
1) When taking damage for the Sparrow, instructions read "Players do this by ... damaging their ship ability". Does that mean any card on our player-board or specifically the "Ship Ability" card?
A: Specifically damaging their ship ability card.

Space Exploration
1) How do we go down to planets? Is it only when the scenario book tells us to, or does using the "Dock" action in space mean we can send our people to the planet, just like using Dock on the planet sends up back up to space? After we landed on a planet, we proceeded north, immediately got pulled into a story line, which took us back to space chasing a sniper, and never got an opportunity to keep exploring the planet
A: When you scout certain areas in space exploration you will be prompted to go to the planet. After you finishing the sniper thread, you will be kicked out to space exploration with the option of going back to Jerarch.

2) Do "Stop" events trigger each time we go into the space sector, or only the first time like is stated in World Exploration Stop events rules?
Only the first time a sector is explored.

3) If the Sparrow is at 0 supply, rules on pg. 27 say to increase our stress by 1 to perform the move in place of supply. What happens if we reach 10 stress? Can we still perform actions without adding further stress?
Yes. You cannot gain more than 10 stress.

4) Further to #3, if we are maxed out at 10 stress, and then we dock and add 1 supply to the Sparrow, do we reduce our stress by 1, or remove all the stress?
Remove all of the stress

World Exploration
1) How do you recommend keeping track of which non-repeatable spots on a planet we have investigated between game sessions? I have been placing black cubes on them when playing (as per pg. 31), but when we pack it away in the box, we can't tell what has been done. Having some tracking functionality as part of the mobile app would be great.
Jerarch (and maybe P'Tram) are the only worlds that you will come back to multiple times. Tracking which areas can be visited between sessions is a challenge. Currently, I would suggest marking off in the scenario book or keeping track with a journal.

2) If a player fails a skill check, can another player attempt it, or is it failed for everyone and no longer usable?
As per rulebook page 31, only of it is a success do you mark it off!

Scenario #057 (p.88)
The long asteroid belt that passes through the Vertus system primarily comprises barren rocks, irradiated from their prolonged exposure to the vacuum of space. This large asteroid seems no different from the others. However, as the Sparrow’s scans probe beneath the surface, a hidden trove of minerals and metals is detected. It’ll take some effort to break through the asteroid’s crust, but if you can do it, it could more than pay off.

- Set up a drilling operation - Lose 10 credits / pilot. Proceed to Result. If any player does not have 10 credits, continue exploration.
- Leave. Continue exploration

After several days of effort, you have yet to breakthrough. Go to ‘Another Choice’


- Commit more resources to the operation - The Sparrow loses 4 supply. Proceed to the result. If the Sparrow does not have enough supply, leave and continue exploration.
- Move on. It's not worth wasting any more credits in this endeavour. Continue exploration.

After a couple more days of more demanding and more challenging work, the realization dawns that penetrating any further into the asteroid’s crust requires equipment you simply do not possess. You recover some resources from the operation, but not as much as you put into it

- 5 Credits
- +1 supply the Sparrow